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Chapter 19. When the Team Is Brand - New > Select Members from Within the Compa... - Pg. 252

When the Team Is Brand - New 252 Where to Find Them In any sizable company there probably are employees whose skills aren't being fully used. David is an accounting clerk, but has picked up a great deal of know-how about computers. He'd be a great choice for a team that needs that knowledge. Rebecca's previous job was in the medical records division of a hospital. Her current job at an insurance company doesn't involve these records. She'd be an asset to a new team formed to work in that area. Make friends with the human resources staff. When you need that extra push to fill your job vacan- cies, you'll be one step ahead of other team leaders. Team Terms The Internet has opened communication to and from people and organizations globally. But there are many matters that concern only the organization and should not be broadcast outside of it. To meet this need, intranets, internal Web sites accessible only by people associated with the organization, have been created. How can you find the Davids and Rebeccas in your organization? · Job posting.When a team is being formed that requires certain skills, a description and speci-