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Chapter 19. When the Team Is Brand - New > Establish Criteria for Members - Pg. 249

When the Team Is Brand - New 249 Personal Characteristics Required Personal factors can be as important (or even more important) than some tangible requirements. These factors that make an impression in the hiring process often are the same traits that will make a candidate successful on the job. They are the human factors that enable people to work well with you, their coworkers, and others within or outside the organization with whom they will interrelate. Here are some of the personal characteristics that determine the way a person will fit in with the team and how you can identify them at an interview: 1. Appearance In most contacts with people our immediate reaction is to appearance. A person whose phys- ical characteristics, dress, and presence are pleasant, neat, and attractive starts off on the right foot in most interpersonal relationships. This does not mean that you should judge some- one solely on appearances, or that you should give preference to handsome men and beautiful women. Neatness, a pleasant countenance, and good taste in dress and grooming are im- portant. Caution: Overemphasis on appearance, making it the key factor, can result in a halo effect. For example, good looks alone will not make one a successful salesperson. Self-confidence When Phil was interviewed he exuded self-confidence. He was not afraid to talk about his failures, unlike people who try to impress interviewers by bragging about their accomplish- ments. Phil was matter-of-fact about his successes. He projected an image of being totally secure in his feelings about his capabilities. It is likely that Phil will manifest this self-confidence on the job, enabling him to adapt readily to the new situation. Communication skills Laura was able to discuss her background easily and fluently. She did not hesitate or grasp for words. When the interviewer probed for details, she was ready with statistics, examples, 2. 3.