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Chapter 19. When the Team Is Brand - New > Establish Criteria for Members - Pg. 248

When the Team Is Brand - New 248 Team Builder When you set up specs for a job, ask yourself, what must the applicant be able to do that other members cannot do? Keep in mind that your team will be stronger if it includes people with different but comple- mentary skills. · Duration of experience.Your job specs may call for 10 years' experience in accounting, but why specify 10 years? No direct correlation exists between the number of years a person has worked in a field and that person's competence. Lots of people have 10 years on a job but only one year's experience (after they've mastered the basics of the job, they plod along, never growing or learning from their experience). Other people acquire a great deal of skill in a much shorter period. It's not that years of experience don't count for anything. Often, the only way a person can gain the skills necessary to do a good job, make sound decisions, and make mature judgments is by having extensive experience. Just counting the years, however, isn't the way to determine that ability. Rather than specify a number of years, set up a list of factors a new member should bring to a job and how qualified the person should be in each area. By asking an applicant specific ques-