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Chapter 13. When Team Members Don't Make... > Effect on Other Team Members - Pg. 168

When Team Members Don't Make the Grade 168 The Termination Interview When the time comes to let the member know he or she is fired, do it diplomatically. Find a private place to conduct the meeting. Your office is an obvious spot, but it may not be the best one. A conference room is better because, if the fired employees breaks down or becomes belligerent, you can walk out. Most people who are fired expect it and don't cause problems. They may beg for another chance, but this isn't the time to change your mind. Progressive discipline gives people several "other chan- ces" before they reach this point. If the employee gives you a hard time, keep cool. Don't lose your temper or get into an argument. Heads Up! As angry as you may be about the trouble an employee has caused or how nasty he or she may be, don't use the termination meeting to tell the person off. A termination is a business decision, not a personal one. It's a good idea to have another person in the room at a termination meeting. A person being fired may say or do inappropriate things. Sometimes the team leader may become upset and say some- thing that's best left unsaid. The presence of a third person keeps both the team leader and the