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Chapter 13. When Team Members Don't Make... > Formal Disciplinary Action - Pg. 152

When Team Members Don't Make the Grade 152 Formal Disciplinary Action When team members violate company rules, most companies follow a standard procedure to try to get them back on track, or if this doesn't succeed, to punish the offender. This is generally referred to as progressive disciple. Typically, progressive discipline is a five or six-step procedure: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. An informal warning or reprimand. The team leader talks to the offender, usually at his or her work station; discusses the problem; and cautions that it should not be repeated. A formal disciplinary interview. This is usually held in the team leader's office or a conference room and the offender is put on notice that future violations will not be tolerated. A written warning is given to the offender. Copies are placed in appropriate files. This step is sometimes included as part of the formal disciplinary interview. Probation. The employee is told to shape up over a specified period of time. Suspension. The member is suspended without pay for a specified period of time. Termination. Bye-bye, member. How these steps are implemented is discussed below. Effective Reprimands When you, as team leader, note a member's violation of rules, let's say, tardiness, you call it to the member's attention in a casual way. These chats are friendly, but firm, and are not part of the progressive discipline procedure.