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Chapter 13. When Team Members Don't Make... > Salvage the Situation - Pg. 149

When Team Members Don't Make the Grade 149 Sometimes the problems that may be signaled relate to teamwork. Sure, they are manifested by individual members, but involve more than their personal performances. If only a few members exhibit the following indicators, treat it as an individual situation. However, if a significant number of members are involved, it should be dealt with on a full-team basis. Team Terms The amber light signifies caution. Amber light situations develop slowly and if caught in time by an alert leader can be neutralized. The red light indicates danger. The leader may have to take drastic action to resolve the problem. Some signs of potential team troubles are · Members put their personal agendas ahead of the team's. They seek individual recognition and promote themselves at the expense of other members. · Members are pressured to go along on decisions to which they object. The pressure may have been applied by the team leader or by more dominant team members. The result: Their resent- ment may lead to an implosion in the team.