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Chapter 13. When Team Members Don't Make... > Effect on Other Team Members - Pg. 169

When Team Members Don't Make the Grade 169 If everyone on a team is committed to meeting its goals and is given the tools to measure their own and the team's progress, they become self-controllers. The need for formal discipline fades into the background and is used only rarely, when all other means have been exhausted. When a Member Is Fired There will be times when the team's efforts don't succeed in salvaging a member and he or she must be terminated. If the reason is poor performance, the other members probably have long since recognized that the associate was in jeopardy. As they have tried to help him improve, and have seen their efforts fail, they know that the leader has no choice but to remove him from the job. FYI Did you know that most companies fire people at the end of the workday on Friday afternoon? But this is changing. Some companies are now terminating employees in the middle of the week so that they have a chance to begin looking for a new job the next day and not brood about the firing over the weekend.