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Chapter 26. When Team Members Are in Rem... > The Virtual Team - Pg. 345

When Team Members Are in Remote Locations 345 Team Builder If it is at all possible, new members should start the job at the home office. This will give them a clear concept of the goals of the com pany and the team. It will also give the team leader the opportunity to learn a good deal about the new member--not only his or her job capabilities, but those very important personal characteristics every leader should know about. But visits need not be limited to team leaders. If a member is dealing with a problem where a personal meeting with a colleague at another site is desirable, let him visit that site. More important, invite members from other locations to come to the home office any time such a visit will expedite the work. After Daimler and Chrysler merged a few years ago, teams working on related problems in each company were coordinated. For example, a team of purchasing agents from Stuttgart came to De- troit to work with their counterparts. A few months later the Detroit team visited them in Germany. Members of both groups felt closer to their new teammates, which resulted in a far more effective collaboration after the visits. Share information with the whole team.When the entire team works in one place, ideas and infor- mation flow naturally from one to another. These exchanges are not limited to regular or formal