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Chapter 26. When Team Members Are in Rem... > The Virtual Team - Pg. 344

When Team Members Are in Remote Locations 344 · Virtual teams are cost effective. The cost of getting that combination of expertise together in person, even for a short meeting, is often excessive. It's Not All So Easy Despite all the advantages, virtual teams don't always run smoothly. After all, they are made up of people--and like people in any team, they may have problems working together. Heads Up! Never ignore the human factor. Virtual team members are people, not robots. Consider their personalities and individualities in dealing with them, just as if they were actually working side by side in the same room. One of the toughest problems faced in forming and using virtual teams is how to get members to work together compatibly and productively when face-to-face contact is limited and communication is primarily by electronic means. Companies have dealt with this in a variety of ways. Intensive orientation at home office.When a virtual team is formed, the members are brought to a