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Chapter 26. When Team Members Are in Rem... > The Virtual Team - Pg. 343

When Team Members Are in Remote Locations 343 They are connected by all the devices that currently exist in the workplace: telephones, fax ma- chines, e-mail, and video-conferencing. To these have been added even more sophisticated com- munication tools, such as group ware --project management software that electronically links mem- bers and allows them instantly to trade and manipulate project information. Why Virtual Teams? As companies get larger and expand into areas far removed from the home office--often into dif- ferent countries--employees are scattered around the world. Using virtual teams enables work to be accomplished throughout the organization no matter where the members are located. This brings both opportunities and problems in team leadership. Some of the advantages of using virtual teams are · Members of virtual teams can be drawn from many locations, bringing together members who might not ordinarily be available to work on the same team. Members can be located anyplace that can be reached by telephone or wireless communication. Team Terms