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Chapter 1. What's So New About Teams? > Team Leaders: Rethink Your Roles - Pg. 7

What's So New About Teams? 7 · Their mission is to develop the skills and capabilities of their team members. They take the time to identify each team member's strengths and weaknesses and work with each to improve his or her performance. They encourage team members to commit to lifelong learning and recom- mend sources, both within and outside the organization, that can help them grow as individuals and as team contributors. Heads Up! When you know that your way to do a job works, it seems sensible to insist team members do it your way. Don't! Get some of their ideas. Could be they may come up with a better way. · They work with members to set performance standards that are clear, attainable, and measur- able, and establish a means to let members know how they are doing. · They motivate and inspire individual members by recognition, praise, and reward. They motivate and inspire the team with pep talks and team recognition, and by creating a climate of enthusi- asm. In later chapters you can learn how to apply these and other team-building concepts to the way you lead your team.