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Chapter 1. What's So New About Teams? > Team Members: Rethink Your Roles - Pg. 11

What's So New About Teams? 11 · If you and a teammate have a disagreement or more serious conflict, resolve it as rapidly as possible. Don't let it fester. Once it is resolved, forget about it. Don't bear a grudge: "Let the dead past bury its dead." · Learn other jobs within the team. Train to do the work of other team members. In this way you expand your value to the team as you can take over in case of absence, heavy work loads, or other contingencies. · Keep tabs on your progress. Periodically review your personal and team goals. Measure how close you are to reaching them. Be prepared to take steps to correct problems that are impeding your progress. · Celebrate successes. When the team completes a project or makes a significant achievement, share the joy of success by going out to lunch or dinner together. As a full participant in team activities, you will not only enjoy your work more, and make more ef- fective contributions to the team's success, you'll enhance your personal growth and prepare for moving ahead in your career. FYI There is no I in TEAM . Teams are made up of people, each with his or her individuality, but for that team to