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Chapter 18. Transforming a Work Group In... > Change the Team Member's Self-Image - Pg. 227

Transforming a Work Group Into a Team 227 4. One way of dealing with such people is to phase these members into teamwork. Instead of shifting overnight from the old format, break in slowly. In the first few projects as a team, work with these members as you had in the past. Tell them what to do. During this period, spend time orienting them to the team concept. Let them observe members who are working the team way. Over the first few months, require them to take on more of the decision-making regarding their work. If they continue to resist and just can't function in the team environment, they may have to be removed from the team. "Teamwork won't help my career." Because the emphasis of teamwork is on the team, not the individual, ambitious members may feel that their competence and potential will be overshadowed by the team. This is es- pecially true when the reward and recognition program primarily rewards teams, not individ- uals. If the team leader isn't going to move up, what chance of promotion does an ambitious member have? Members who seek to move up in the organization should be assured that their personal contributions are not overlooked, and as new teams are formed or current leaders move on, opportunity does exist for them. Also, make clear that the performance review and the com- pensation system rewards individuals not only on their performance, but on their participation as a team member. Change the Team Member's Self-Image How the members of a team feel about themselves and about the way they are perceived by their immediate supervisors or team leaders and others in the organization is reflected in the effective- ness of the team. Companies use a variety of approaches to get members to be true believers.