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Chapter 18. Transforming a Work Group In... > Overcoming Members' Resistance to Ch... - Pg. 224

Transforming a Work Group Into a Team 224 2. 3. 4. The results of the assignment are recorded in the team leader's personnel file and considered by his or her boss in the performance review. This will be taken into account when openings do occur for promotion. Training team leaders Team leaders who have led highly successful teams may be chosen to train newly appointed team leaders or to coach or mentor less successful team leaders. To be chosen for this as- signment is an honor that shows the leader that the company recognizes his or her achieve- ments. Often, added compensation is given for this work. Special assignments When United Fabricators decided to open a new plant in Puerto Rico, it assigned three of its top team leaders to work with the development task force to set it up. Their job was to plan the team organization, hire and train team leaders, and counsel them until the operation was underway. This gave the leaders the opportunity to use their talents to the maximum. All three were offered management positions in the new plant. One accepted; the others opted to return to their old jobs as team leaders at the main plant. They enjoyed the experience, which taught them a lot and put them in line for eventual promotion. Outsourcing Another way of rewarding exceptional team leaders is to fire them. Sound crazy? Not if the firing involves setting them up in their own business. Frank was leader of a team at Bradley Transport that prepared all the paperwork needed to meet government regulations. Frank's future at Bradley was limited. The only higher-level jobs in the company were in areas in which Frank had limited experience. He told Mr. Bradley that although he loved his job, he saw no future there and would have to seek another job elsewhere. Mr. Bradley came up with a sol- ution. "You're an expert in the documentation needed in the transport field. Why don't you set up your own company to deal with this. I'll subcontract what your team is now doing to your