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Chapter 18. Transforming a Work Group In... > Mold the Group Into a Team - Pg. 239

Transforming a Work Group Into a Team 239 · Focus on results. In orienting the team, put emphasis on results expected from the team's ac- tivities rather than on the activities themselves. Let them know that management looks at results and is not concerned with the details of the methods so long as they meet the legal and ethical standards set by the organization. Assure them that they have the expertise to get satisfactory results. · Build commitment. Provide a climate in which members' ideas and suggestions are seriously considered. When members know they are treated as true collaborators, their commitment is solidified. · Give all members opportunity to grow. In assigning work, give every member the chance to lead a project, work on a challenging phase, and take a key role. Develop smaller teams within the team to let less experienced members take charge of a project. Encourage your more skilled members to act as mentors. · Encourage all members to participate in every aspect of the work--even those in which they don't have as much expertise as other members. Their fresh ideas may be valuable, and it helps build up their self-confidence. Let your bosses know about the progress of each of your members--and let the member know that you have done so. This makes them visible to higher management and may boost their careers. It will boost yours as well if you develop a team of winners. Provide the Team with Tools and Help Needed Another responsibility of the team leader is to ensure that the team has the tools it needs to get the job done. This may mean negotiating with management for a higher budget to purchase the latest equipment or software and training the members in the best techniques of doing their work.