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Chapter 18. Transforming a Work Group In... > Change the Team Member's Self-Image - Pg. 228

Transforming a Work Group Into a Team 228 There is nothing degrading about being a follower. In fact, one must learn to follow before one is ready to lead. The difference between just being a follower and being a collaborator is one of degree. In traditional organizations, subordinates follow instructions and orders without question. They have little or no say in what they will do. In a team, the member doesn't to tally abdicate the role of follower. He or she participates in formulating projects and determining how a job will be done, and then follows the decisions made. Heads Up! Don't think just changing job titles is enough to make members understand and accept their new role. You have to back it up with good orientation and training and build their self-confidence in their abilities to function as responsible team members. One reason members hesitate to be collaborators is lack of self-confidence. Because they have been followers for so long and have looked to others to make decisions, they're afraid to stick out their own necks. But like the turtle, if they want to move forward, they have to stick their necks out of their shells.