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Chapter 18. Transforming a Work Group In... > Overcoming Members' Resistance to Ch... - Pg. 225

Transforming a Work Group Into a Team 225 Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone Most people resist change of any sort. Once people become accustomed to doing something in a certain manner, we become comfortable doing it that way. Changing takes us out of our comfort zone. A good example is learning a sport. When I was a teenager, my friends and I went to a local park to play tennis. We took no training, but after a while were able to play a respectable game. Years later, to improve my game, I signed up for formal lessons. After watching me play, the instructor showed me the proper way to stand, and how to hold and swing the racket and maneuver around the court. I had been doing it all wrong. Chang ing wasn't easy. Moving out of the comfort zone in which I had been playing hurt--my muscles ached, my back ached. It hurts to change. Team Terms A comfort zone is the place in which we feel most at ease when doing a physical or mental exercise. Our muscles, nerves, brain, and senses are conditioned to being used this way and resist any change from it. If the change is mental, it also hurts. Changing the way you have to approach the work is just as