Transforming a Work Group Into a Team 223 Yes, Lisa is accountable for her team's work, but by micromanaging the work of her associates, she defeats the main purpose of teams: to encourage participation of all team members. Unless Lisa learns and applies the techniques of team leadership, it's best to remove her from a leadership position. Team Terms Some managers micromanage every phase of an assignment. That means they look over the team member's shoulder to check that every i is dotted and every t crossed. This stifles creativity and prevents team members from working at their full potential. For advice on how to ensure that the team meets the standards set for good performance without micromanagement of every aspect of the job, refer to Chapter 7. The Future for Team Leaders The move to downsize companies in the 1990s resulted in eliminating many middle-level manage- ment jobs. Opportunities for team leaders to move up to middle management have been curtailed by this flattening of company structures.