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Chapter 24. The Self-Directed Team > Self-Direction Requires Self-Motivation - Pg. 316

The Self-Directed Team 316 Heads Up! Team members should be careful not to let a few team members dominate the team by volunteering to be project leaders for every new assignment. If the volunteer has headed a project recently, another member should be given the chance to lead. A meeting is held to discuss the project. The first step is to appoint a project leader to manage the assignment. Any member can be chosen for this temporary leadership role. In most teams, every member will act as project leader at one time or another. Who picks the project leader? In some cases, a volunteer is sought. Jim, the mechanical engineer, says, "I've worked on similar mechanical problems at another plant, I'll take the lead." Sally, the HR representative, points out that she's had experience working on OSHA complaints, and she'll be glad to either lead or serve on the project. A discussion is held on which one could contribute the most, and the team agrees that Jim should be project leader and Sally and three other members will make up the project subteam. In some teams, project leadership is rotated. A member comments, "Jim, you headed the last project, let Sally head this one." Jim agrees to this and will serve as a subteam member.