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Chapter 24. The Self-Directed Team > Getting the Self-Directed Team Underway - Pg. 323

The Self-Directed Team 323 Heads Up! Although self-evaluation is an important component of the self-directed team, to obtain comprehensive ap- praisals of a team member's effectiveness, also use some form of peer evaluation. Peer evaluation can take several forms. In Chapter 12, I discussed peer appraisals in some detail. As noted in that discussion, some companies require all members to appraise all other members, and the evaluations are discussed at an open meeting or in private sessions between the team leader and the member. Open meetings tend to put the member whose appraisal is being discussed on the defensive. He may feel everybody is ganging up on him. Negative comments are blown out of proportion, and constructive advice is not listened to. A member may resent what another member says, destroying any rapport that existed between them. In the leader-led team, this can be obviated by having the team leader present a summary of the appraisals without mentioning who said what, which can have a constructive result. But in the self- directed team there is no leader to do this.