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Chapter 24. The Self-Directed Team > Self-Direction Requires Self-Motivation - Pg. 319

The Self-Directed Team 319 Heads Up! Everybody in the team should be included in all team celebrations--not just those on the project subteam that achieved their goal. This solidifies team spirit and reminds all members that every success within the team reflects on the team as a whole. But team involvement is more than just one member helping another. In Chapter 16 suggestions were made on how a team leader can work to make the team self-motivating. Here is a quick review of some of these suggestions and how they can be applied when there is no leader to guide the team: · Establish a climate in which members feel free to innovate and express themselves without fear. When there is no team leader to criticize innovations or ideas, this climate of free expression is built into the atmosphere. The danger is members' fear of being in a minority and being overruled by a dominant majority. Dissension and expression of contrary opinions is what leads to suc- cessful consensus. When members know that their opinions--whether accepted or rejected-- are always welcome, it enhances not only their motivation, but that of the entire team. · Members must learn to put aside their personal agendas for the benefit of the team. With no