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Chapter 24. The Self-Directed Team > Self-Direction Requires Self-Motivation - Pg. 317

The Self-Directed Team 317 FYI "A completely diverse group must agree on a goal, put the notion of individual accountability aside and figure out how to work with each other. Most of all, they must learn that if the team fails, it's everyone's fault." --Douglas K. Smith, coauthor of The Wisdom of Teams Commit Yourself to Achievement A self-motivated team must be made up of self-motivated members who are dedicated to achieve- ment. They want to accomplish their goals and will work to overcome obstacles. Here are some suggestions to help individual members become self-motivated: 1. Set clear and specific goals and work to achieve them. Diane had great ideas, but was shy about expressing them to her team. Her personal goal was to be able to get up at a meeting and present her ideas without faltering or stammering. To do this, she enrolled in a public-speaking course. She was a good student and was able to make several good talks to her class, but when she raised her hand at a meeting, she reverted to her old habits and was unable to talk coherently.