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Chapter 2. The Barriers to Team Success > Poor Rapport Among Team Members - Pg. 19

The Barriers to Team Success 19 Heads Up! When you speak never put your hands in front of your face, or play with your hair or your glasses. People who do this appear wishy-washy, and listeners may feel you are not sure of yourself. You can learn to overcome this. It takes commitment and effort to achieve it. You'll learn how to become an active listener when you read Chapter 4. Meetings That Waste Time Got a problem? Call a meeting. One of the big complaints about teams is that too much time is wasted in meetings. There are three major reasons meetings are time wasters. 1. 2. There was no need for the meeting. The meeting got out of control: The main objective of the meeting was lost in digressions, pointless arguments, extended discussions, and grandstanding by some participants.