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The Barriers to Team Success 13 Team Terms Goals and objectives are interchangeable terms that describe the purpose, or long-term results, toward which an organization's or individual's endeavors are directed. The goals you set for accomplishing your team's mission must be in line with the larger goals your company sets for you to accomplish. If the objectives you plan to achieve for your job, department, or team aren't coordinated with the objectives of your organization, you'll waste your time and en- ergy. In most organizations, overall goals are established by top management and filtered down to de- partments or teams to use as guides in establishing their own goals. The process of setting goals takes time, energy, and effort. Goals aren't something you scribble on a napkin during a coffee break; you must plan what you truly want to accomplish, establish timeta- bles, determine who will be responsible for each aspect of the job, and then anticipate and plan resolutions for any obstacles that may threaten to thwart the achievement of your goals. Not "Sounding the Depths"