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Part: 1 Teams: Gimmicks, Fads, or the Re... > What's So New About Teams? - Pg. 2

2 Chapter 1. What's So New About Teams? In This Chapter · Let's talk about teams · Choosing between teams and work groups · What teams can and cannot do · The role of the team leader · Becoming an effective team member The world of work has changed radically during the past decade, and it continues to change more rapidly than at any time since the Industrial Revolution. Things are likely to change even more dramatically as we enter the twenty-first century. We have already seen how computers give managers immediate and continuous access to new information, but that is only one aspect of change. Changes in management structure have made the way we work quite different from that of previous generations. In this chapter we'll explore these changes and see how they affect the way supervisors will function in their new role as team leaders. Why Teams? It used to be that top management made all the decisions and filtered them down through a series of layers to the rank-and-file workers. We have seen and continue to see this being replaced by a more collaborative organization in which people at all levels are expected to contribute to every aspect of their organization's activities.