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Part: 4 T-E-A-M—Yay TEAM! - Pg. 182

182 Part 4. T-E-A-M--Yay TEAM! Look at the word motivation. Two other words that begin with the same three letters are motion and motor. We call the motors in our cars "internal combustion engines." Each of us has an engine inside of us "combusting" to move us forward. Just as our car cannot move without fuel, neither can people move unless provided with the proper fuel. Your job as a team leader is to provide each of your team members with the fuel that will start their "motors" and keep them going. But we must keep in mind that all cars don't use the same kind of fuel. Some use gas, some use diesel oil, some run on electricity. So it is with people. What motivates one person may not work for another. To be able to help your team move forward, you have to know what kind of fuel to feed to each of your members, how and when to use it, and what reaction you can expect. Tough job? Sure, but it's worth the effort. Let's look at the various "fuels" you can choose to motivate your team.