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Part: 4 T-E-A-M—Yay TEAM! > Different Strokes for Different Folks - Pg. 194

194 Chapter 16. Different Strokes for Different Folks In This Chapter · Motivating members, motivating the team · Recognizing team members' achievements · Techniques of praising · Keeping up the team's enthusiasm · Competition: teams vs. teams If you're a team leader, your chief job is to meld your team members into a cohesive group and work with them to develop within themselves that inner motivation to accomplish the team's goals. It starts by taking the time to get to know the team members as individuals. Team members are humans, not robots, each with his or her own strengths and weaknesses, personal agenda, and style of working. Learning and understanding each team member's individualities are the first steps in building a team. Once this is accomplished, the focus shifts to blending this variety of personalities into a workable team. In this chapter we'll look at both these challenges. Individual vs. Team Motivation Maybe you think that all you really have to know about your associates is how well they do their work. Wrong! Knowing the members of your team requires more than just knowing their job skills. That's an important part, but it's only a part of their total makeup. Learn what's important to your team members--their ambitions and goals, their families, their special concerns--in other words, what makes them tick.