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Part: 5 Staffing the Team—And Getting It Going - Pg. 220

220 Part 5. Staffing the Team--And Getting It Going Teams consist of people. Sometimes the team leader"inherits"the people. They have been members of a work group that has been converted into a team. In the next chapters, you'll learn how to mold an existing work group into a functioning team. Sometimes the team is created for special purposes, and the team leader picks the people. They may be drawn from employees currently employed within the organization or recruited from outside. Over time, new members may be added to replace those who leave, or because the team expands. Whether you're forming a new team or augmenting a current one, choosing a team member can be one of the most important acts a team leader performs. In the following chapters you'll acquire the techniques needed to recruit and select team members who will work well together. You'll also become acquainted with the tools and techniques to hone the skills of your members. All this takes dedication and effort on your part, and it's worth it. It will help you build a team com- mitted to reaching its goals, and it will make your job more satisfying and rewarding.