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Part: 5 Staffing the Team—And Getting It... > When the Team Is Brand - New - Pg. 246

246 Chapter 19. When the Team Is Brand - New In This Chapter · Determining skills needed · Personality factors in creating the team · Seeking team members within the organization · Putting the team together Occasionally team leaders have the opportunity of creating their own teams. A new project is un- dertaken, and new teams are to be formed to work on it. The company is expanding, and some of the work of an overburdened team is to be assigned to one or more new teams. A task force is to be formed to deal with a critical situation. As team leader, you will have two major challenges in forming your new team. The first is to deter- mine what skills and personal characteristics are needed to fulfill the team's mission. Once you know what qualities you require in a new member, you have to seek people who possess those qualities. Where will they come from? You may draw some members from within the company --transferring members of established teams or people working in nonteam positions to the new team. Some or all of the new team members may have to be new hires. In this chapter we'll first look into establishing the job specifications, and then we'll explore the first step in forming the team--seeking members from within the organization.