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Part: 6 Special Teams for Special Purposes - Pg. 312

312 Part 6. Special Teams for Special Purposes Teams serve several purposes in an organization. Most teams are regular work groups that perform the routine activities that enable the organization to accomplish its goals. These teams manufacture products, distribute merchandise, handle financial transactions, provide customer service, and per- form the day-to-day functions of the company. Most of these teams have team leaders, appointed by management to guide and inspire the mem- bers, coordinate the work, and keep the team on target. But there are other types of teams. Imagine a team without a leader! You'll learn in this section about teams that direct themselves, and teams that alternate leadership from project to project. Here's another challenge to team leaders--leading a team drawn from several different depart- ments, made up of members with different backgrounds, different viewpoints, and sometimes con- flicting agendas. In this section you'll learn how to mold them into a collaborative team. As companies spread out geographically, with employees in many remote locations, team members may work far apart from their associates. Later in this section we'll show you how to keep such teams productive.