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Part: 6 Special Teams for Special Purposes > Glossary of Team Terms - Pg. 362

Glossary of Team Terms 362 See Also halo effect. progressive discipline A systematic approach to correcting rule infractions. A typical program has six steps, beginning with an informal warning. If the warning doesn't succeed, the following steps are taken, in order: disciplinary interview, written warning, probation, suspension, and termination (if necessary). project managers Team leaders assigned to head up specific projects, such as the design and manufacture of an electronic system or the development and marketing of a new product. protected classes Although discrimination against any ethnic, racial, or religious group is prohibited, because of the long history of discrimination against certain groups, the EEOC has designated certain groups as protected classes. They are: African Americans, Hispanics, Asian and Pacific Is- landers, Native Americans, women, and the disabled. recorder The meeting recorder is not an electronic taping device. He or she is a team member who keeps the minutes of a meeting. rightsizing See downsizing. satisfiers Factors people must have from the job in order to produce at least minimum work. See Also motivators. self-directed teams Teams in which there are no formal or permanent leaders. Members may work collaboratively on projects or, if appropriate, select an associate to lead a specific project. All members can serve as temporary leaders when and if needed. separation interviews or exit interviews Give organizations insight into the real reasons people quit their jobs. soft skills The skills needed to work effectively with other people. They include communications, inter- personal relations, leadership, and personal development. SPAM The computer equivalent of junk mail. Sometimes it's tough to identify SPAM by its source or subject, but with a little experience, most can be picked out and deleted. standard operating procedures (SOPs) Sometimes called "the company bible"; they include detailed descriptions of practices and pro- cedures followed by the organization. stock options Rights that enable recipients to purchase company stock at a fixed rate no matter what the market value may be. The incentive: If the market value increases, the recipient can exercise the right and make an immediate profit on the sale. synergy Two or more people working together so that the individual contributions of each, when com- bined, enhance the results. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. team A group of people who collaborate and interact to reach a common goal. team leader The coordinator and facilitator of the work of team members. team members or associates Make up the staff of the team.