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Part: 6 Special Teams for Special Purposes > Glossary of Team Terms - Pg. 360

Glossary of Team Terms 360 grievance A formal complaint, usually based on the violation of a union contract or formal company policy. gripe An informal complaint. See Also grievance. group ware Project management software that electronically links members and allows them to instantly trade and manipulate project information. halo effect If you greatly admire somebody, you put a figurative halo over his or her head and are inclined to accept whatever he or she says. See Also pitchfork effect (the symbol of the devil). hidden agenda Describes the secret personal goals of a member who works to the detriment of the team's coherence. internal customers Persons or units in the organization to whom a team provides materials, information, or services. internal suppliers Persons or units in the organization that provide the team with materials, information, or serv- ices. A team will be a customer in some aspects of its work and a supplier in others. interview The first part, inter, means between. The second part, view, means a look. An interview is a look at a situation (in this case a job) between two people. It's not a one-way interrogation. intranets