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Part: 6 Special Teams for Special Purposes > Glossary of Team Terms - Pg. 359

Glossary of Team Terms 359 coordination Synchronizing the activities of the team for smooth flow of its actions toward the ultimate goal. counseling A means of helping troubled associates overcome barriers to good performance. By careful listening, open discussion, and sound advice, a counselor helps identify problems, clarify mis- understandings, and plan solutions. cross-functional teams Sometimes called multidepartmental teams, they work on assignments in which the expertise of members of diverse departments is needed. For example, they may be composed of repre- sentatives of finance, marketing, engineering, and human resources. cross-training Training team members to perform the jobs of other people on the team so that members are capable of performing other than their own aspect of the job. delegation There is a difference between just assigning tasks and delegation. When you delegate, you not only assign work, but give the associate full responsibility to carry out the project. distress, or bad stress The chronic state of anxiety caused by unremitting pressures of job, personal, or societal prob- lems. downsizing Involves the reduction in the workforce of an organization by eliminating or reducing the number of employees in various job categories. employee assistance program (EAP) A company-sponsored counseling service. The counselors aren't company employees, but in-