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Chapter 17. Show Me the Money! > The Basis of Base Pay - Pg. 209

Show Me the Money! 209 Team Builder Team leaders rarely have control over the basic satisfiers: working conditions, salary scale, employee benefits, and the like. These factors are set by company policy, but leaders do have the opportunity to use the real motivators: job satisfaction, recognition, and the opportunity for team members to achieve success. Others are content at lower levels. It doesn't mean that they don't want an annual raise or bonus, but if obtaining the extra money requires special effort or inconvenience, you can forget it. Other things are more important to them than money. By learning as much as you can about your associates, you learn about their interests, goals, and lifestyles, and the level of income at which they're satisfied. It is futile to offer the opportunity to make more money as an incentive to people who don't care about money. You have to find some other ways to motivate them. Different Needs at Different Times Team members vary in what motivates each of them, and what motivates a member may change from time to time.