Show Me the Money! 216 can work at home for a few hours before reporting to the office. Others may want to complete work away from the office during the day. Others may do their best work in the evening. Letting each member set time schedules for the project gives that person control over his or her hours and usually pays off in higher productivity. Now let's look at some of the less common perks that companies give: · Birthday celebrations.There are a few companies that give employees a day off on their birth- day. That's a nice gesture, but it can disrupt team production. Many more companies celebrate the birthday on the job--at a break, lunch, or after work--with a miniparty: cake (no candles, age is confidential), soft drinks, and a little fun. When teams are relatively small, the whole team may go out together after work for a little party. Heads Up! If you use flextime, set some ground rules such as the minimum number of members who must be present during business hours and how time schedules will be established for each week. · Pets at work.Bringing pets to the office can be very distracting, especially if they get restless.