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Chapter 17. Show Me the Money! > Does Money Motivate? - Pg. 208

Show Me the Money! 208 Team Terms Satisfiers are factors people must have from the job in order to produce at least minimum work. Motivators are factors that stimulate people to perform over and above the call of duty. To see how this concept works on the job, suppose that you work in a facility in which lighting is poor, ventilation is inadequate, and space is tight. The result: low productivity. A few months later the company moves to a new site with excellent lighting and air-conditioning and lots of space--productivity shoots up. The company interprets this as a solution to its productivity problems. Managers assume that by improving working conditions, workers will produce more. They decide to make the working condi- tions even better. They paint the walls a cheerful color; they place potted plants around the facility; they install Muzak. The employees are delighted. It's a pleasure to work in these surroundings--but productivity doesn't increase at all. Why not? People seek a level of satisfaction in their job--in this case, reasonably good working conditions. When the working environment was made acceptable, employees were satisfied, and it showed up in their productivity. After the conditions met their level of satisfaction, however, adding