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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff Tell me briefly about your duties in your current or recent jobs. ____________________ What would you like to know about the job on my team? __________________________ What to look for: Voice: Does the applicant have a good telephone voice? ____________________________ Manner: Does the applicant speak coherently and clearly? __________________________ Concept: Does applicant understand what telemarketing involves? __________________ Experience: Is it applicable to this job? ____________________________________________ Questions asked: Are they job related or self-centered?______________________________ General: Did I feel comfortable talking with applicant? _____________________________ Did applicant sound confident about him/herself? _________________________________ Comments: Invite for interview? ______ If yes, date and time: _________________________________ 279 From these screening calls, Stacey narrowed the list to 22 and hired five for the team. Interviewing Tips Team Builder