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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff 286 · When there is a rush to fill a job, and you know applicants are scarce, bypass asking for resumés. Have applicants telephone you, and conduct a preliminary telephone interview as the first step in screening. · Be prepared to ask questions that enable you to judge an applicant's qualifications and give you insight into that person's strengths and limitations for the job. · To ensure that you get the information you want, make a list of pertinent questions before you meet with a candidate. · Listen not only to what an applicant says, but more important, to what he or she does not say. Follow up with probing questions to elicit more detailed information. · To get the interviewee to add more in response to a question, use silence; make nondirective comments; ask probing questions. · Take brief notes during an interview. Immediately after the applicant leaves, write additional comments so that you have a complete record of each interview.