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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff 285 In the case of investigations by federal or state EEO agencies, good records of an interview can be your most important defense tool. When records are unavailable or inadequate records have been kept, the hearing officer bases judgment on the company's word against the word of an applicant. Complete and consistent records give the company solid evidence in case of an investigation. Give the Applicant Information About the Job An important part of the team leader's interviewing process is telling the applicants about the com- pany and the job. Team leaders are often so ill at ease about asking questions that they spend most of an interview describing the duties of the job, the advantages of joining the team, and the benefits the company offers. There's a time during interviews for these issues--after you have obtained enough information about an applicant to determine whether he or she is a viable candidate. At the beginning of an interview, briefly indicate the type of job you're seeking to fill. If you divulge too many details about a job, a shrewd applicant will tailor the answers to your questions to fit what you have described. Heads Up!