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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff Resourcefulness What's your greatest disappointment so far in your life? In what way did this disappointment change your life? Working with others On what teams or committees have you served? What was your function on this team (or committee)? What did you contribute to the team's activities? How much of your work did you do on your own? As part of a team? Which aspect did you enjoy more, working alone or as part of a team? Why? What did you like best about working on a team? Least? 283 Conducting the Interview Don't start the interview with a curt, "What makes you think you can handle this job?" If you're looking for a tough, no-nonsense person who will be exposed to constant harassment and pressure, this approach might work. But most jobs aren't like that. Even if applicants aren't intimidated by this approach, they're less likely to be forthright in their responses. It becomes a battle of wits, rather than an elucidating discussion about qualifications. Heads Up!