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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff 5. 282 Personal characteristics.The job specifications should indicate the personal characteristics necessary for doing a job. During an interview, try to identify the personality factors that may affect the applicant's compatibility with you and your team members. The following list of interview questions is to guide you in preparing the questions you want to ask a job candidate. Questions similar to these, tailored to the job involved, can provide a great deal of meaningful information. Table 21-3. Interview Questions Work experience Describe your current responsibilities and duties. How do you spend an average day? How did you change the content of your job from when you started it until now? Discuss some of the problems you encountered on the job. What do you consider to be your primary accomplishment in your current job (or in previous jobs)? (In addition to the above, develop a list of specific questions to determine job knowledge and experience in various aspects of the job for which you are interviewing.) Qualifications other than work experience How do you view the job for which you are applying? What in your background particularly qualifies you to do this job? If you were to be hired, to which areas could you contribute immediately? In which areas would you need additional training? In what way has your education and training prepared you for this job? Weaknesses Which aspects of your previous job did you do best? In which areas did you need help or guidance from your boss? In which areas of your work have your supervisors complimented you? Motivation Why did you choose this career area? What do you seek in a job? What's your long-term career objective? How do you plan to reach this goal? Of all the aspects of your last job (or jobs), what did you like most? Least? What kind of position do you see yourself in five years from now? What are you looking for in this job that you're not getting from your current job? Stability What were your reasons for leaving each of your previous jobs? Why are you seeking a job now? What were your original career goals? How have these goals changed over the years? Resourcefulness Describe some of the more difficult problems you have encountered in your work. How did you solve those problems? To whom did you go for counsel when you couldn't handle a problem yourself?