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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff 13. 281 14. 15. False.It's best to write down only key factors during the interview. After it's concluded, write comments and evaluation. Too much writing during the interview prevents you from fully lis- tening and inhibits the applicant. False.Encourage questions. You can make significant judgments based on the type of ques- tions the applicant asks. Also, your answers can help the applicant decide whether this job is right for him/her. True.A good description of the organization and the job can do much to sell the applicant on accepting an offer. If you hire the applicant, it serves as the first step in orientation. Caution: Don't tell too much too soon. See comments on this later in this chapter. How'd you do? If you had all 15 correct, you have a superior knowledge of interviewing. Otherwise, learn from your incorrect answers and read the balance of this chapter for more suggestions on improving your interviewing skills. Prepare for the Interview Team Builder