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Chapter 21. Separating the Wheat from th... > Preliminary Interviews - Pg. 277

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff 277 It's probably best to make the phone call in the evening when the applicant is at home rather than call him/her at the workplace. It's advisable to inform the applicant by mail or e-mail that you will phone at a specific time so that the applicant will be at home and be prepared for the call. Plan the phone interview as carefully as you would an in-person interview. Study the resumé and application form. Note the areas that require elaboration. Don't be afraid to ask hard questions about such things as reasons for wanting to leave the current job, explanations for periods of unemployment, relations with team leaders, and specific details on work back- ground. List what to ask. Study the job specs carefully. The resumé may show that the applicant meets the required job factors, but often a person may meet some aspects of those factors and not others. Some- times superficial experience is blown up in the resumé. Probe to determine if the applicant's experience and skills are close to what you are seeking. Prepare a series of questions that will elicit specific information on duties, responsibilities, accomplishments. Have that list in front of you. If the response does not give you the infor- mation needed, probe more deeply for it. Use some of the suggestions for questioning appli- cants made later in this chapter. 2. Heads Up!