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Chapter 5. Say It Right—Write It Right > Writing Reports That Hit the Mark - Pg. 57

Say It Right--Write It Right 57 Don't download on company computers pornographic material or items that are derogatory to either gender or to any racial or ethnic groups. Remember that your e-mails can be read by anybody and may offend other people in the organization. It could lead to embarrassment and possibly charges of sexual or racial harassment. Don't spread gossip or rumors through e-mail. It's bad enough when gossip is repeated on the telephone or in person, but e-mail exponentially expands the number of people receiving such information. Don't send a message to your entire list unless the message applies to everyone on it. Writing Reports That Hit the Mark If you're a team leader, you are often required to submit reports to your bosses or to other managers in the organization. In some cases you may be the sole writer of the report, but often it is a team effort, and as leader, you'll coordinate the team's preparation and composition of the report. Many people shortchange themselves by submitting poorly developed, poorly thought out, and poorly written reports. Why? Perhaps they believe that presenting the basic data is adequate. A good report must be far more than basic information. It should enable the reader to obtain enough knowledge of the subject covered so that he or she can make whatever decisions are needed. The report should be written in a clear and concise manner so the reader does not have to go through a jungle of irrelevancies to get to the key areas of concern. Before You Write a Single Word Consider the following points before writing a single word: