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Chapter 5. Say It Right—Write It Right > The E-mail Explosion - Pg. 53

Say It Right--Write It Right 53 · Avoid business clichés.Instead of using overused and often meaningless business terminology, use simple terms. Here are some commonly used clichés: Instead of writing At a later date At the present time Despite the fact For the period of a year In accordance with your request In the near future Is of the opinion that Made an adjustment The undersigned or the writer We are herewith enclosing We are not in a position to With the exception of Write Later (or exact time) Now Although For a year As requested Soon (or in May) Believes Adjusted I Enclosed is We cannot Except Give your letters just the right human touch. Express your natural feelings. If it's good news, say you're glad; if it's bad news, say you're sorry. Be as courteous, polite, and interested as you'd be if the addressee sat in front of you. Table 5-1. Write This the Way You Say It Re our telephone conversation ___________________________________________________