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Chapter 5. Say It Right—Write It Right > Write the Way You Speak - Pg. 51

Say It Right--Write It Right 51 Heads Up! The "spell-check" feature in your word-processing program is a great help, as it catches most typos and mis- spellings, but you still have to reread the document carefully--spell check can't catch all of the mistakes. Watch Your Grammar and Spelling You can't always depend on a secretary to correct your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling errors. Today, most team leaders don't have secretaries or administrative assistants. They write their own correspondence. Even if you're one of the lucky few who has an assistant, you should still check everything that goes out with your signature on it. If you are weak in grammar or spelling, seek out a colleague to be your in-company "editor" for constructive review and suggestions. Write the Way You Speak I'll bet you've never received a letter that read like this: