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Chapter 5. Say It Right—Write It Right > The E-mail Explosion - Pg. 56

Say It Right--Write It Right 56 Heads Up! Don't replace phone and personal contacts with e-mail. Voice-to-voice or face-to-face contact with people you deal with on a regular basis strengthens the personal relationship that is so important in building and main- taining rapport. Charles Wang, the CEO of Computer Associates, found that e-mail's alleged efficiencies were ru- ining the interpersonal dynamics that had made his company so successful in the first place. People stopped having face-to-face meetings and stopped speaking to each other altogether. His simple but shocking solution: Turn the whole system off for most of the day and force people to communicate in person. He follows this himself. When he wants you, he comes down the hall and finds you. A Dozen E-mail Do's and Don'ts Do carefully plan your e-mails.