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Chapter 20. Recruiting Candidates from O... > Preparing for the Search - Pg. 261

Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company 261 Preparing for the Search In the last chapter we discussed the advantages of transferring current employees to the new team. But this is not always feasible. More often than not, outsiders must be recruited. Team Builder Keep a file of potential members for your team. Even when there are no openings, accept resumés that are sent to you and interview prospective members. When an opening develops, you have a head start in your search. If the candidate is no longer available, ask the prospect to suggest someone with a background like his or hers. When Hiring Outsiders Is Advantageous Although the advantages of adding a current employee to your team usually outweigh the limitations, there are also advantages to seeking candidates from outside the company. · If you seek new members only from within the company, you limit the sources from which to