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Chapter 20. Recruiting Candidates from O... > Sources of Applicants - Pg. 271

Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company 271 Some larger firms conduct their own job fairs. Advance Micro Devices (AMD) ran such a fair in Austin, Texas. They promoted the fair in radio ads for weeks in advance, then set up a big tent to supply job information for those who wandered in. The fair was "wildly successful," and AMD hired 30 people. IBM ran a similar recruiting fair in Panama City, Florida, where thousands of college students were partying on spring break. Team Builder Build your own network. When you meet a person who you feel can be of some value, set up a file noting his or her name, company, position, and any other pertinent information. Get in touch from time to time to keep the contact active. Explore Your Network At trade shows, professional association meetings, and even at social events, team leaders have met men and women in their fields on whom they can call for advice, information, and referrals. Quite often these people know viable candidates for your job openings.