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Chapter 20. Recruiting Candidates from O... > Sources of Applicants - Pg. 270

Recruiting Candidates from Outside the Company 270 Ask for Referrals Your team members and other company employees are a great source of referrals. Nobody knows as much about the jobs you have to fill in your team than your own team members. Enlist their help in filling vacancies. Many companies offer rewards to employees who refer candidates who are hired. These rewards run from a token cash bonus or merchandise prize to very substantial pay- ments for referring hard-to-find applicants. Referral bonuses as high as $10,000 are not uncommon. This is cheap, considering that if the company had to pay a fee to an agency or headhunter, it would probably cost much more. (Typically a fee for filling a $60,000 a year job is from $12,000 to $18,000.) Another source is former team members. They know what the team required. In their new jobs they have access to a network of candidates you normally would not know. In some cases, you might entice a former valuable team member to come back just by asking for a referral. Some employers are asking retirees if they would consider working part-time; others are luring mothers of young children back to the workforce early by helping with day care. Others arrange for two people to share a job--each person working part-time. This allows for continuity in the work and gets jobs done that must be done. These arrangements, usually used by women who need time for family responsibilities, bring to the company talents that would have been lost if full-time work was demanded. Try the Internet One of the fastest growing sources for locating qualified personnel is the Internet. There are several computer-based job banks that can be tapped for various job categories. Most job seekers today file their resumés with one or more of these sources. Many companies have Web sites where job-seekers can learn about the company. Originally de- signed to attract customers, today many have a job opening section that is kept current. There are also several Web sites that carry classified ads or even match applicants with job openings (for a fee). If your company doesn't have a Web page, create one. This is a particularly effective tool for re- cruiting professional, administrative, and technically trained people. Team Terms Job fairs are like trade shows. Instead of displaying company products or services to customers, participating companies present information about jobs and careers in the organization to prospective employees. Job Fairs Job fairs are sometimes organized by trade associations or private recruiting firms. They tend to specialize in specific types of jobs. Companies may rent a booth at the fair to attract the applicants, provide them with job information, and even conduct preliminary interviews.